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Looking for couples therapy or marriage counseling in the Lancaster/Lititz, Pennsylvania area? Then call Kim Rosenberg first for the compassionate, skilled assistance you deserve. Let's face it - relationships can be difficult. Work with someone who will care about your relationship and has extensive training and experience.

Creating and maintaining intimacy with another person can be our greatest challenge and our greatest reward in life. It takes focus and attention and at times, working through some difficult issues and emotions.

Couples work is the part of my work I'm most passionate about. I truly believe that good relationship creates Good around it. And that the answers to many of our worlds' problems are in learning how to create and maintain healthy relationship. I don't believe we can expect to create peace in the world when we can't at home. As they say about charity...

When a relationship heals and changes for the better, so do the individuals within it ( and again - affects those around them!).

We tend to partner ourselves with others that have important aspects of our original caretakers. We "marry" our unresolved issues. Rather than being a negative thing, I see it as being very positive: the intention I believe is to heal and to grow. To get it right this time with someone who reminds us of our original caretakers in some way.

When I work with a couple I look at that aspect of their relationship. What our partner wants is usually exactly what we need to do to heal as well.

I assess the way a couple communicates. I teach simple but powerful things like: "I" messages, not assuming you know the other person's intention, and the power of a request vs. a criticism.

I also assess the pattern of a couple's interaction, one such pattern can be "the Victim Triangle". This involves one partner behaving as helpless Victim while the other behaves as Rescuer or Perpetrator. Often, each takes turns playing each role. I work with the couple to interact more authentically and in a healthier way, regardless of their interaction pattern.

To have healthy relationship, there needs to be individual health. Individual dysfunction will always play out in relationship. And so I pay attention to that, and work on individual issues that are affecting the couple.

I am an Advanced Certified Imago Therapist. I have found Imago Couples Therapy to be the best model there is in terms of understanding relationship functioning. Even better, I have found it to be the most practical and skill-based therapy there is for couples. It teaches ways to communicate, ways to create safety in your relationship, and how to restore passion. And now it's available through my work in Lancaster or Lititz!

While the list below is a great guide to assessing whether your relationship is in trouble, it is also important to know that the Imago work I do teaches skills that are important for any intimate relationship. The insights and practices it offers can deepen and strengthen any intimate relationship. I believe that if every commited couple learned these skills, they would not face the likelyhood of breakup that most couples face today.

Imago therapy is based on the work of Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD and their book - Getting the Love You Want. For more information, visit the website

Signs That Couples Therapy is Needed
  • Your relationship has more a source of pain than pleasure and is not improving
  • You feel unable to effect positive change in the relationship
  • Your differences and conflicts create more distance between you rather than bring you closer
  • The negatives in your relationship outweigh the positives
  • Your discussions leave one or both of you feeling so upset you find it difficult to function
  • One or both of you seems to hold the other in contempt
  • One or both of you avoids talking about certain "touchy" subjects
  • You have trouble remembering good times between you
  • You see your problems as severe
  • You feel lonely
  • You lead parallel lives
  • One or both of you feels more criticized than affirmed in your relationship

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    "I am impressed with your work, both your strategic ability and also your open heart. Yeah, you were born to do this. These couples are so lucky..."

    Maya Kollman, Imago Master Trainer