Healthy Couples Workshops

Relationships take time and attention and sometimes feel like a complicated mystery. Good communication skills are a critical part of relationships functioning in healthy and fulfilling ways. Healthy Couples Workshops focus on teaching couples to communicate in loving ways and help unravel the mystery of keeping relationships healthy, fun, and vital for a lifetime.

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Custom Workshops

I would love to come to your school, place of worship, or organization to share the skills and insights that Imago Therapy has to offer.

I am also available to do workshops on Maintaining Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Family and Stepfamily Functioning, Overcoming Procrastination, Working with Emotions, and most exciting of all: Starting Your Relationship Out Right – A Guide For Newly Committed Couples.

Feel free to contact me to discuss fees and other logistics!

  • Working With Emotions
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Starting Your Relationship out Right –
  • A Guide for Newly Committed Couples
  • Introduction to Imago
  • Healthy communication at Home & Work
  • Maintaining Healthy Boundaries
  • Healthy Family & Stepfamily Functioning
  • Overcoming Procrastination/Time Management